About Nicole Lee – Colorado Springs Realtor

Originally hailing from Warner Robins, GA, Nicole Lee is now a long time and proud resident of the Colorado Springs area.  Originally licensed as a realtor at the young age of 19 in Georgia; she built spec homes there with her husband.  She began her journey as a Colorado Springs realtor when she started Ashford Property Management in 2007. Her initial focus was top of the line property management in Colorado Springs that would give property owners peace of mind. She found a great deal of success in this market and began occasionally selling and buying real estate as well.

Nicole found that her business model was so successful that, in addition to full-service property management, she expanded her business to include selling and listing homes for sale in Colorado Springs and providing homes for rent in Colorado Springs. In 2012, Ashford Realty Group was born and she hasn’t looked back.  She warns those entering the real estate market to avoid the fast talk run and gun approach. She focusses on understanding the Colorado Springs real estate market, knowing how to interpret the right data and having strong negotiating skills. These are the traits that make up Nicole Lee and they are the foundation that she has built Ashford Realty Group on. 

In her free time Nicole enjoys spending as much time as possible with her kids and her husband.  Whether they’re at a sports practice or game, or enjoying the wonderful sunny weather of the area, she’s always happy to be with her family.  She is an avid reader and thus her favorite way to decompress from life is by reading a book on her iPad.

Who You Choose To Work With Matters!

For over 8 years, Nicole’s dedication to her clients and their needs has been and always is her top priority. Her top concerns are always prompt communication, explanation and compassion for one’s situation. She understands how tumultuous the times have been for the last decade and strives to help her clients in the best ways possible.  She is also an uncommon realtor because she practices what she preaches.  Her and her husband own rental property in Colorado Springs and have found it a great investment and encourage others to do the same. 

Despite her success in the Colorado Springs area, Nicole has chosen not to expand beyond the greater Colorado Springs area. Nicole believes it is important to remain focused on the local market and continue serving the clients she has here. This enables her to better serve her clients and to be the true expert on real estate and property management in the Colorado Springs area.

It is this relentless dedication to her clients and focus on the Colorado Springs Market that makes Nicole a friendly and knowledgeable real estate agent for Colorado Springs.