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Choosing A Home In Colorado Springs -Buying vs. Renting

In our dual roles as both an experienced real estate firm and a respected property management company, we have the unique ability to respond to the individual needs of our clients. Whether they should rent or buy isn’t our decision to make, but rather our job to provide unbiased guidance and knowledge, so each client can make an educated decision that is right for their family.

Advantages of Staying in the Rental Market

    There are many advantages that come with renting a home. Renters have the unique ability to “try a place on for size”, allowing flexibility at the end of the lease term to find something that may better suit their needs. Should the location not fit or perhaps the family

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Looking for captivating and unique experiences in Colorado Springs this spring?  There are numerous destinations to travel to in the area and awesome views to be taken in.  People traditionally think first of the mountains and skiing for the area, but this area holds a treasure trove of fun day trips and other experiences for the passionate adventurer.  Let's explore some of the great things to do here in spring.

Broadmoor's Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway

This is the world's highest cog railway in existence and holds a stunning view for those who ride it to the top.  The railway's creation came about thanks to Zalmon Simmons who had to ride to the top regularly by mule to inspect the army signal station at the top.  The trip took two arduous days to

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Recent news has been coming out of the Colorado Springs real estate market, describing a scene that has become seller's paradise.  Normally, in a real estate market, the supply of available houses is supposed to be around six months.  When this is the case, supply and demand are about even, and so you get a market where it's about even for both buyers and sellers.  When the housing supply starts going way above six months, such as eight or nine, then you have what is called a buyer's market.  Since the demand is lower, the value of a house becomes far less.

A Seller's Market

However, the Colorado Springs market is seeing the opposite; the current available inventory of homes is estimated at about three months, which means this is a major

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Credit. It’s a history of your ability and willingness to repay an obligation. And regardless if you’re seeking a rental property or planning on buying a new home, your credit will be reviewed. But what, exactly, do landlords and lenders look for when they review a credit report? What happens if they find a late payment? How “perfect” does a credit history have to be, and when credit is not so good, how can someone get on the path to better credit?

Rent and Credit

When you fill out a lease application, you also give the landlord or property management company, such as Ashford Realty Group, the authorization to pull a credit report, in addition to other background checks. If you rent from an individual your credit report will be reviewed for timely

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Dont Let the Lender Lingo Deter You

Buying and financing a home for the first time can be a bit intimidating. Mortgage lenders certainly have their fair share of “lender lingo” that seems foreign to most. Debt ratios, loan conditions, amortization, annual percentage rate…why all the jargon? Lenders aren’t the only industry with their own trade talk, but when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage it can keep some potential homeowners in the dark when they don’t have to be. So how do you start? How do you know the steps for getting your first mortgage and owning your very own home? Simple, the first thing you do is pick up the phone and get prequalified. It’s easy, it takes maybe about 10 minutes and it will tell you what your home finance options

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This is pretty easy. Using your gross monthly income, current monthly credit obligations and prevailing interest rates, a loan officer can provide you with an approximate loan amount. Loan officers perform such pre-qualifications on a routine basis and are really good at it. And while it might seem a bit mystical at first, it’s nothing more than a step by step mathematical process. A quality and educated Colorado Springs realtor will help you research and cover all of the following when purchasing a house.

Determining Your Gross Monthly Income

Income can come from a variety of sources as long as there is at least a two year history of it. The most common form of income comes from a job where the borrower works full time. Part time income may also be

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Researching Colorado Springs real estate is a complicated process, and there are many areas to consider before signing on the dotted line. Because today’s market is much improved over years past, sellers have more room to negotiate. As a result, you and your agent need to be prepared. Make sure you’re paying close attention to all the relevant details during the home buying process.

Context is Crucial

One of the biggest mistakes homebuyers make is not thinking about life after the purchase. If you want to be smart about the home buying process, keep context in mind. And for total confidence, don’t limit yourself to what you think will happen. You should think both long-term and re-sale.

The issue for many is that they believe they will only live in

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One of the most difficult parts of selling a home is determining a selling point. If it’s too high, buyers won’t even take a look. But if it’s too low, you lose money. Pricing a home is a balancing act at every stage of the game, and knowing what to expect can help. Let’s look at a few of the most helpful tips for accurately pricing your home.

Study the Market


While it’s very personal in nature, selling your home is essentially a business transaction. It’s probably the most valuable asset in your portfolio and is looked at as investment rather than just a place you live. With that in mind, it’s important that you study the Colorado Springs real estate market and do your research before pricing your home.

Just as you would never take an

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Many people shudder at the idea of renting out their home to complete strangers, but it may not be as bad as you think. While being a landlord can be a hassle, what if you could receive a nice rent check every month without dealing with phone calls in the middle of the night? With a professional property management company, you can. Here are some of the reasons you should rent out your home with the assistance of a property management company rather than leave it empty.


Attract Better Tenants

One of the scariest parts about renting your home is the thought of having bad tenants. From not paying on time to damaging the property, bad tenants are a poor financial investment. Sadly though, when you attempt to find tenants on your own, it’s difficult…
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Whether you are looking to move or are interested in buying your first home, it’s always important to go into the search process educated, prepared, and informed. As is the case for most people, your home will probably be your biggest financial asset – so it’s important not to go at it blindly. Let’s look at seven of the things every home buyer should consider before signing the dotted line.


Proper Budgeting

Every other choice you make will stem from proper and accurate budgeting. Before stepping foot in an open house or searching through listings online, it’s important – and necessary – to develop an accurate figure. Notice the word here is figure and not range. When people deal with a price range, the elasticity of the numbers

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