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Ashford Realty Group provides full service property management for all property owners alike

Serving the Greater Colorado Springs area, we provide quality Property Management services in Colorado Springs, Monument, Fountain/ Fort Carson, Falcon and Peyton.

Investors: Those that are utilizing income property as a sound investment vehicle. They look at income property as a long term investment and therefore look for professional colorado springs property management services, like ours, to help ensure the best performance and condition of each property.

Unexpected Landlords: Those property owners that once resided in the property originally but because of the need to relocate for one reason or another, look to hold the property until the optimal time to sell. Therefore, in order to offset monthly expenses, look at renting the property until the market is correctly positioned for them to sell. Although "unexpected", this is how many of todays savvy investors with impressive real estate portfolios got started.

Military: Those being our Country’s Finest Service People that are relocated because they receive TCS or PCS orders to another installation/ location. Many of our veterans/military families have plans to return and once again reside in the home. Some are investors and plan to use the home as an investment vehicle (a second retirement), then there are others that unfortunately become unexpected landlords. Ashford takes great pride in providing the same professional residential property management services for our veterans while best accommodating the many challenges of their selfless career.

"I have used Nicole Lee and the Ashford Real Estate Management Team for over 4 years to manage a rental property in Peyton, CO. It has been the most positive of experiences. Ashford Management is very proactive and professional in all matters. If there if ever a vacancy, they have always secured a new tenant before the last tenant moves out. Despite the fact that the real estate market has been very volatile, they ensure that the tenants they place are very reliable and you know your property is well taken care of. With regards to ongoing maintenance, Nicole and her team keep the property in great shape. Ashford Real Estate Management stays on top of every detail. They are always responsive to every question I ask, attend to every matter immediately and keep me appraised of all that is needed. Ashford Home Management is a professional team with high standards of excellence and a pleasure to work with at all times." - Karen H.

Are you getting the most from your property?

Ashford is guided by eighteen plus years of knowledge and experience in the industry as a Licensed Realtor combined with an experienced full time staff, all with the sole focus of providing efficient, proactive Colorado Springs property management services to best ensure your profitability while protecting your interests and property. We only focus on the Greater Colorado Springs Area (to include Monument, Fountain/ Fort Carson, Falcon and Peyton) which allows us to provide expert knowledge of the current market, well-crafted price negotiations, proven marketing strategies, extensive tenant screenings, showings, contract/ lease explanation & preparation, property inspections, repairs, 24/7 emergencies and so much more.

Owning income property does not have to feel risky!

Ashford Realty Group's property management service is unparalleled in providing quality, hands-on customer service as your trusted advisor and partner. In doing so, we treat each property as if it were our own. Maintaining your property’s condition is important to much so that unless it is being shown by a licensed Realtor®, a representative of Ashford Realty Group is there to ensure the best safety, care and representation of your property. Once leased, we then follow up with routine inspections throughout the lease period with extremely detailed Move-In and Move-Out inspections to better ensure the maintained condition of your property.

Learn how Quality Residential Property Management in Colorado Springs (to include Fountain, Monument, Falcon & Peyton) can better protect you and your investment.

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Property Management Colorado Springs