A Little About Us & Who We Are

We Are Built To Ensure Results

Locally owned and operated, we built Ashford Realty Group completely different from the large, out of town real estate franchises to ensure the benefits of our efforts go to our clients and not to an out-of-town franchise logo. 

Meet The Team

Lori  Weissmiller
REALTOR® | Certified Military Relocation Pro | 2019 Peak Producer
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Melanie  McAlister
REALTOR® | 2019, 2020, 2021 Peak Producer | Certified Military Relocation Pro
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Nicole  Lee
REALTOR® | Military Relocation Pro | ABR® | Managing Broker/Owner
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The Brief History Of Ashford

Ashford Realty Group was founded originally in May of 2007 as Ashford Property Management. Our focus was to reinvent how Residential Property Management was done internally to reduce risk exposure for owner clients and create a more profitable & predictable outcome. Reducing client's risk and increasing their profits while providing complete transparency served us well and caused us to grow....quick.

The success in reinventing residential property management with the occasional buy and sell real estate transaction (per client requests) caused us to look for improvements in the buying and selling of Colorado Springs real estate. Again, focusing strictly on the client's results (profitability and favorable terms) and their experience allowed us to identify areas that could be dramatically improved.

As an independent brokerage firm that is not encumbered by a franchises' policies and fees, we can make quick changes and improvements in a rapidly evolving industry to ensure our client's success.

To better ensure our client's success, we focused on new digital marketing technologies, a state of the art home search, new negotiating strategies, Advantage Programs for Buyers and Sellers, and more.

In doing so, we created an Ashford Standard that every Ashford REALTOR ® and Team Member embraces and delivers on.

The success of the buy and selling residential real estate with residential property management now required us to rename our company to represent our services better. Thus, in 2012 Ashford Property Management was changed to Ashford Realty Group.

Ashford Realty Group Today

Though we are encouraged by others to take our model and expand into new areas, our focus has never wavered.  We remain loyal to serving only Colorado SpringsMonumentFountainFalcon, and Peyton and committed to providing a better real estate experience.

Our Promise 

Everyone at Ashford Realty Group works for you! We are not a branded franchise logo where everyone within that company competes against one another. When working with Ashford Realty Group, the entire company works collectively to accomplish our client's home goals.

We will always employ ALL of the most effective tools, processes, and marketing tactics for our clients, regardless of the market. We make it a point to be in front of all the latest technology and elite mastermind groups to ensure we provide our clients every advantage when it comes to their home.

Simply put, when working with Ashford Realty Group, you can be confident that every effective tactic, and proven process will be used and exercised to accomplish your home goals!