10 Things to Do in Colorado Springs Before Buying a House

If you have fallen in love with a home, be careful! You can easily get heartbroken if you aren't wise about your potential purchase. There is so much information out there on what to do and what not to do when buying a house but it can vary depending on where you are located. There are some important things to note when you are buying a house in Colorado Springs. Here is what TO DO!10 Things to Do in Colorado Springs Before Buying a House

1. Make sure the property was properly permitted to have the work done on it. This can cause all kinds of issues for a new owner as they may have parts of the property that the city could condemn if it is not properly permitted. 

2. While looking at the HOA, take note of its fiscal reports. Is there a healthy environment and are they enforcing these restrictions of others? 
Take a look at the surrounding area and what amenities currently exist and or are in process of being built. Assess whether or not these things will increase or decrease the value of your home. 

3. Always look at or have the condition of the HVAC system inspected. The expense of replacing your HVAC system is something you want to heavily consider. You do not want to find yourself in a home having to replace this within the first couple months. 

4. Just as important as the HVAC is the Roof Life expectancy. You must get this inspected before purchasing a home in this area especially because of the weather.

5. Take a look at school zones and see how this will affect your school value and or if there will be any rezoning. This can also affect things that you may want to do/add to your property depending on the restrictions placed in that particular zoning area. 

6. Pet and animal restrictions can also be important to look at because your area needs to be zoned for specific types of animals if you are planning to have livestock. You will want to know this before you get into a contract with a specific property. 

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7. The area the home is in is something you want to look at carefully. Are the values increasing? Is this the desired area that will make the resale value go up or are the neighboring homes staying on the market for a much longer period of time? 

8. Check on the HOA rules and regulations and see if these are things that you can happily abide by or if they will frustrate you and make your living situation miserable. Many people have mixed feelings on HOA’s and the regulations in place.

9.  Lastly, take a look at parking rules. Parking is a massive aspect of our everyday life but we don’t pay much attention to it until it is difficult to find. Make sure you have the adequate space that you need within your own driveway and or the street nearby. Be sure to check the parking restrictions as well. 

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