7 things To Look for in a Home When Buying

It can be overwhelming when you are looking at a home you want to purchase. There is so much to consider and a lot of fears about missing something. Inspections help uncover issues that are important to know before purchasing a home. Problems will show up, especially from the inspection but it doesn't mean you can't purchase the home you desire. This just helps you have a better idea of what to offer and or what you are comfortable with in repairs yourself. There are some major areas you want to pay attention to when in the process of purchasing a home.7 things To Look for in a Home When Buying


You need to know the age and condition of the roof of the potential home you are buying. This information is usually given to you by your agent, but you also want to do a visual check and make sure this is a part of the inspection. You want to look for damaged or missing shingles, anything that could be rusted, moss or dirt or any other potentially damaged areas.

Heating and Air

Heating and AC are vital to have working in your home. You want to make sure the heating and cooling system in the home you are buying is in good working order. You want to ask the age of the system and take a look at the ductwork to see if the filters fit snugly. Pay close attention to the inspection report which will give you more thorough details on the system. 

Water Damage

Look for water stains on the ceiling inside the house as well as under the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms. Test all of the faucets and showers. If there is a basement, garage, or crawl space to see if there is a sump pump. All of these areas can indicate a past or future problem with poor water drainage that can lead to flooding. 

Working appliances and Electrical Outlets

Carefully examine all appliances, even if they look good cosmetically. You want to make sure they are in good shape and running efficiently. Look for grounded GFI outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Take a look at the circuit breaker and flip a few of the breakers. 

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Working Windows

Check all the windows in the house and make sure they open and close properly. This is important for fire safety and for your comfort on warm or cold days. It is an easy ask to have these things fixed if they aren't in proper working order. 

Bugs and pests

You want to look in the corners of all cabinets to determine if there are mice or roach droppings. This is an easy fix, but you want to be aware of the problem before you finalize your contract. 

It is vital to understand all the potential problems when buying a home so that you can feel confident in your purchase. You can decide what your deal breakers and dealmakers are. 

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