Best Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs

Coffee shops are thriving everywhere, they are an excellent gathering place whether studying, meeting a friend for a quick visit, business meeting or just to relax. Of course, a good cup of coffee is important but, finding the right space to coincide with your visit is equally important. Let's face it, there are a ton of coffee shops out there to serve you some of their finest cup of joe, some you will find that isn't worthy of anyone's business. We have done some of the leg work for you, exploring different coffee shops in Colorado Springs we have come up with our list of the best coffee shops in Colorado Springs.

Fifty Fifty Coffee HouseCoffee Making

Fifty Fifty Coffee House is an elite coffee house, it is the headquarters of SwitchBack Coffee Roasters, so you will not only find their drinks are authentic, but the service is also excellent. Among the variety of drinks that they offer, the pour-over coffee is the clear-cut winner. Fifty Fifty Coffee House also offers a wonderful selection of food items to choose from that include gluten-free options as well. The shop itself is bright and welcoming with an outdoor patio perfect for enjoying the warmth of the sun on a spring day.

The Wild Goose Meeting House

The Wild Goose Meeting House checks off all the boxes, great coffee, excellent food selection, and ambiance. They also use SwitchBack Coffee beans, delivering excellent flavor. If you enjoy a latte, The Wild Good Meeting House is where you want to get one, the latte is their best drink in our book. The food is not to be overlooked either offering giant cinnamon rolls, quesadillas, or a grilled sandwich with gooseberry relish, you will not go wrong with whatever you decide.

The atmosphere at The Wild Goose Meeting House is hard to beat with the walls lined with books, it provides that extra cozy feel. On warm days, the entire front of the shop opens up to bring in natural light and a cool breeze throughout the shop. The shop provides extra entertainment on the weekends with live music

COFFEE CUPSTIR Coffee and Cocktails

Whether you are looking for food and drink combo or coffee and a slice of pie, STIR offers both. STIR makes several different baked goods but, their homemade pies are divine, you will be missing out if you pass up eating at least a slice of pie. The latte is our drink of choice at STIR and paired with a slice of pie is the ultimate selection.

STIR is located in a revamped garage outside of downtown Colorado Springs. The shop has a lot of natural light and plants that pull together for the perfect relaxing atmosphere. STIR provides additional entertainment by bringing in live music regularly as well as art displays.

Story Coffee Company

Story Coffee Company is a multi-roaster coffee shop, meaning they switch out their beans from different producers every few months. The drink of choice at Story Coffee Company is the iced honey vanilla latte, it is the perfect pick-me-up with the perfect amount of sweetness, or the Americano would be the other choice. The food is extremely limited, but what they do offer is wonderful.

Story Coffee Company is a must-try, surrounded by Acacia Park in a small but elegant space. This shop is truly more of a stop than a shop with only three high-top tables and a small patio, there isn't a lot of room to hang out too long.

Jive's Coffee Lounge

Jive's Coffee Lounge makes an exceptional cappuccino, so if this is your drink of choice, you should check out this shop. Along with the numerous coffee varieties, Jive's Coffee Lounge offers a long list of smoothies to choose from. However, don't expect to eat much while you're there, the food selection is only made up of a small assortment of snacks. While the food options are a downside to Jive's, the coffee makes up for it.

Jive's Coffee Lounge offers guests a warm, spacious interior with plenty of natural light the exudes a relaxing environment. This shop is perfect for getting some work done or just hanging out. They provide live music multiple times a week for entertainment luring more visitors to enjoy the coffee and company. The park across the street is a bonus, it's a beautiful place to visit on a warm, sunny day.

Ultimately, Colorado Springs is not lacking in coffee shops with plenty of variety and options to enjoy. Take the time to check out some of our favorites and of discover some new ones. There are plenty of them out there, you may find a few noteworthy spots that we missed.

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