Colorado Springs Unique Museums

Colorado Springs has an abundance of museums that explain the city's rich history. It is no secret that Colorado Springs is surrounded by the history of the old west. History buffs can find several interesting museums to visit and learn more about how Colorado came to be what it has become today. However, several unique museums showcase pieces of history not found elsewhere.

Here's a list of unique museums in Colorado Springs that may pique your interest.

Olympic and Paralympic Museum

Flag of the United States folded over a flag with the Olympic rings.

What would the Olympic City be without a dedicated museum? The Olympic and Paralympic Museum is a state-of-the-art facility that offers hands-on, interactive exhibits throughout the museum. The museum is dedicated to the athletes that make the Olympics exceptional with their tenacity, strength, endurance, and dedication to their sport.

Miramont Castle

Pouring tea from vintage teapot to the cup, English Tea Time.

Nestled in the hills above Manitou Springs sits Miramont Castle. Visitors enjoy a self-guided tour through the castle's spectacular space and odd-shaped rooms. Throughout the tour, visitors will gain insightinton Manitou's history. The castle is complete with a Victorian tearoom that offers daily high teas to make your visit complete. During the summer months, the gardens are bursting with amazing, colorful flora. The castle hosts Victorian-themed events throughout the year such as a Victorian Christmas celebration.

Ghost Town Museum

Colorado Springs Unique Museums

The Ghost Town Museum is a safe place for visitors to get a glimpse of the early Colorado days. The museum is filled with thousands of artifacts that allow you go back in time to see how pioneers and miners lived long ago. While Colorado has plenty of small, abandoned towns that would be interesting to explore, they simply aren't as safe. The structures could no longer be sound and there could be dangerous encounters with venomous snakes and spiders.

Space Foundation Discovery Center

Colorado Springs Unique Museums

The Space Foundation Discovery Center offers hands-on displays, plenty of space artifacts, space-themed arts and crafts, science education, and presentations. The museum hosts monthly star parties offering visitors the opportunity to scan the star-lit skies with their advanced telescopes.

Western Museum of Mining & Industry

Colorado Springs Unique Museums

Mining is a large part of Colorado history, so why wouldn't there be a museum dedicated to western mining and industry? The Western Museum of Mining and Industry provides visitors the opportunity learn about the influential mining industry and its historical impact on the development of Colorado. There are displays of old mining equipment for a close-up view of what they used back in the early days. What mining museum would be complete without gold panning? Anyone can give it a try to see if they are lucky enough to find a bit of their own gold.

ProRodeo Hall of Fame and the Museum of the American Cowboy

Colorado Springs Unique Museums

The ProRodeo Hall of Fame and the Museum of the American are all about cowboys, horses, bulls, and more. Visitors to the museum will learn all about the stars of the rodeo, both human and animal. Humans are not the only ones that get the glory in the museum, there are legendary animals that deserve recognition as well. The rodeo and cowboys pretty much go hand in hand, so of course the museum includes plenty of cowboy history.

Manitou Cliff Dwellings

Colorado Springs Unique Museums

The Manitou Cliff Dwellings is an amazing hands-on museum that includes ancient artifacts. These dwellings were transported from McElmo Canyon over 100 years ago. The cliff dwellings are an amazing experience, walk and explore each room of the cliff dwellings. While exploring the  dwellings, you'll have the opportunity to learn about the indigenous people that once lived in these structures long ago.

The Wrap-Up

Colorado Springs has plenty of unique museums to explore throughout the region. Dig deeper into the history that already interests you or explore something completely new to you, either way get out and take advantage of the plethora of museums offered in the Colorado Springs area.

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