How to Make Friends and Meet People in Colorado Springs

Moving to a new city can be taxing, finding new friends and meeting people shouldn't be. Newcomers to Colorado Springs need not worry, this is a city that is not only welcoming to newcomers but, presents multiple opportunities to put yourself out there.

Colorado Springs is a city with constant activity throughout the year, it is a very active community. While outdoor activities are probably the most popular activities with plenty of nature to explore, there are plenty of other events for people with other interests.

Here are some excellent sources to help you in your journey to find friends.

Community Meetups

Community meetups are designed to invite people to join in various activities with common interests to form new connections and hopefully new friendships.

An excellent source to discover various meetups that may pique your interest is if you can't find a group for you, you can always start a new one.

Some of the most popular meetup groups in Colorado Springs are:

  • Friendship is Therapeutic - This is a group designed for newcomers to the area, recently retired, people that work remotely, etc. Anyone that needs to find connections with people. Events vary from exploring the outdoors, game nights, fitness classes, meals, movies, and more.
  • Out and About Colorado - This is a group that is inclusive of outdoor activities, so if you're an outdoor enthusiast this may be the group for you. The group is welcoming to anyone, regardless of gender or sexual preference.
  • Springs Happy Hour - You guessed it; this is a group that explores different happy hour locations in the area. While they enjoy finding new locations, they do repeat some of their favorite locations as well.
  • Girls Night Out - This is a group designed just for women, whether you are married, single, young, or older, this group welcomes all women. The group puts on various activities in the hopes of creating bonds between other women.

How to Make Friends and Meet People in Colorado SpringsGet Creative

Discover a new craft or work on perfecting your current skills. Colorado Springs offers various workshops and classes to pique anyone's interest.

  • Woodcraft of Colorado Springs offers a variety of woodworking classes providing participants the opportunity to learn more about woodworking while creating beautiful wood items for the home.
  • Painting with a Twist offers fun guided painting projects with all supplies included in the cost. A great way to have fun and an opportunity to meet new people.
  • Gather Food Studio & Spice Shop offers cooking classes teaching basic cooking techniques and tips. These classes are full of fun and laughter.

There are plenty of other classes and workshops offered in Colorado Springs varying from art classes, acting classes, fitness and exercise, adventure and/or outdoor activities, and so much more.

Discover the OutdoorsHow to Make Friends and Meet People in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs offers plenty of hiking and adventure, there are clubs created to encourage people to get outdoors and try something new, like mountaineering, skiing, or photography.

Not everyone has an interest or ability to participate in more physical clubs, but there is no reason you can't enjoy nature. Local photography clubs allow photo enthusiasts to get together and gain valuable tips.

Skiing and mountaineering clubs offer the opportunity to get to know new people while learning different tips and knowledge about how to maneuver different types of terrain.

Giving Back to the CommunityHow to Make Friends and Meet People in Colorado Springs

What a great way to meet people while giving back to the community. Meet people with a similar, giving nature while improving the community and lives of others.

Making a difference in the community you now call home will not only make you feel better about your good deeds but, opens you up to meeting other wonderful people that are interested in keeping the community beautiful.

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