Popular Colorado Springs Bike Routes

Popular Colorado Springs Bike Routes

Hiking trails are usually a focal point when talking about Colorado Springs; however, bike routes are just as important for the active Colorado Springs community. Here is a guide to Colorado Springs bike routes.

Beginner RoutesBiking

Beginner routes will take bikers on shorter routes that don't require a lot of skill.

  • Black Forest Section 16 Trail - This is a nice, shaded four-mile loop that will guide bikers through the trees. The trail does not have any huge climbs or descents, just beautiful scenery. On an important note, this trail is shared with runners, dogs, and horses, so being cautious and courteous is important.
  • Garden of the Gods: Ute TrailBeginners and out-of-town biking guests enjoy this fantastic ride through Garden of the Gods. A leisurely ride, perfect for getting riders acclimated to the elevation. This trail does not disappoint with breathtaking scenery and beautiful, red spires of natural rock formations.

Intermediate RoutesBiker with mountain bike

Intermediate routes will be longer in distance and will have a good mixture of difficulties.

  • Cheyenne Mountain State ParkRiders can choose from multiple trails, ranging in length from 2 to 20 miles. This park offers an excellent mixture of difficulty and climbing abilities.
  • North Catamount ReservoirA 10-mile trail with rolling hills and stunning beauty. This trail will get your heart pumping. Riders will enjoy beautiful views of Pikes Peak as they make their way around the reservoir.
  • Palmer Park LoopA 12-mile bike route in-town, that is not too technical but, it does have drops and climbs that will push the rider's ability. Riders will enjoy views of Pikes Peak and downtown Colorado Springs.
  • Rampart ReservoirA 14-mile trail that offers beautiful scenery and can accommodate riders of most skill levels. The length of the trail and the amount of technical difficulty makes it an excellent combination to create this excellent trail. Bikers will want to take their time to enjoy the beauty and even take some photos.
  • Ute Valley ParkAn 8-mile trail that has both fast and technical sections. Bikers that are trying to gain valuable experience, there are sections that bikers can go off route to build confidence and increase their skill level.

Advanced Routes

Advanced routes will generally be longer in distance, elevation, and challenging.

  • Bear Creek Canyon Loop This 8-mile ride is the perfect workout climbing close to 2,200 feet within the first 5 miles. This advanced trail will take riders through stream crossing and a descent through the forest.
  • Pikes Peak - America's MountainThis trail can be considered intermediate or advanced depending on how you plan to take the ride. For riders that just want to take the trail down, they can hire Adventures Out West or Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours will transport riders to the summit, and then provided a guided tour down. This is a 20-mile trail ride with opportunities to spot eagles, deer, elk, Mountain Bighorn Sheep, and marmots. America's Mountain is now open to the cyclist that wants to ride up and back down Pikes Peak Highway on their own.
  • Pancake Rocks Easily one of the most challenging bike routes in Colorado Springs, this 6-mile trail, most riders walk their bikes a mile before reaching the trail. This is an advanced trail mostly due to the grade of the trail and the switchbacks, but the view from the top and fast ride down makes this trail well worth the challenge.
  • Seven Bridges Seven Bridges is a challenging trial, one of the toughest in Colorado Springs. It's only a 5-mile route however, it is populated with masses of roots, stream crossings, rocks, and small drops. This is not a bike route for the weak of heart.

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