What Colors are Buyers really looking for? And Which to Avoid

It may take some by surprise to hear that the colors of your home can be detrimental in selling your home. The exterior and interior color of your home can encourage homebuyers to step inside for a look or quickly walk away before giving it a chance. Of course, living in your home you have personalized it to meet your personal preferences, colors that make you happy, but when selling your home, it's imperative to make your home's color neutral. Not everyone has the same tastes in colors or decor, so painting your home with neutral colors will attract more potential buyers, increase your home's value, and even make it more sellable. So, what colors are best?

Yellow HomeYellow

Let's face it, yellow is a happy color and will not only brighten your home but, make people smile. However, when referring to yellow, lighter yellows are the more popular way to go, not a bright yellow.

Shades of yellow can make your home shine next to a well-kept lawn and make your lawn a little brighter as well making both even more attractive.

If painting your home yellow, consider painting your trim a nice, crisp white. The white trim in contrast with the yellow will give your home a fresh and clean appearance.

As for the interior, yellow is far less effective. Potential buyers tend to decrease not only interest but, could reduce the price a buyer will be willing to offer.

Blue RoomBlue

Light blue with a darker shade of metal-blue for the trim, shutters, and doors create a brighter, happier feel to a home.

A deep, dark blue-gray color is particularly encouraged if your home is by water. The blue-gray color provides a nautical feel that reflects the peaceful, serenity of the water.

Light blue is currently one of the top trending color choices for bathrooms. Smaller spaces, such as the bathroom makes the room feel brighter and more spacious.

A deep blue color is an excellent choice for the bedroom. Why a deep blue for a bedroom? Some shades of blue create a restful ambiance, so a room that is dedicated to sleep is the perfect place for a deep blue hue. Potential homebuyers have been more likely to increase the average price they are willing to offer when the bedroom is painted blue.


Greige is a combination of gray and browns to create a warm, natural color. A trending shade of greige is putty for home exterior colors. Taupe that includes some gray hues blends well with natural surroundings such as stone pathways or retaining walls. Taupe is another popular choice for homes exteriors with its natural tones.

For homes interiors, the repeated recommendation to stick with neutral colors to attract homebuyers probably seems like a broken record. The benefits of greige are not only the various hues to the color to choose from but, it's easily painted over if a homebuyer wants to add more color and it's not as stale as white. Greige is a more sophisticated color than the old-fashioned beige and more welcoming than gray.

White KitchenWhites

Whites are making a comeback for home exteriors but, be aware of the different types of white and finishes. If white is your color of choice, make sure that you are not using the brightest or glossiest white. A popular choice of white to consider is white with creamy yellow undertones.

Selecting whites in the home's interior, it is best to not use too much standard white, it can make your home feel lifeless and stale. Consider using cream colors vs standard white. The exception to this rule, the kitchen. White walls and cabinets in the kitchen are very popular with homebuyers indicating that they are much more likely to buy a home with a white kitchen. This is one room of the home that potential buyers want to see crisp and clean walls.


Painting your home red can make your home stand out but, be careful not to select a red that is too bright such as barn red. Traditional red is cheery and its color surrounded by green landscape can make all the colors surrounding your home and including your home more vibrant.

Reds for your home's interior should be avoided. Sticking to neutrals when trying to sell your home is important and red could turn away interest from homebuyers.


Be careful when painting the exterior of your home green, you don't want to camouflage your home when it matches the shrubbery. It's best to avoid green for the exterior of your home.

Mint green for the kitchen has become a new trend but, it received an icy response from potential homebuyers. This color maybe your color of choice but, should be avoided when trying to sell your home.


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