What is Colorado Springs Known for?

Colorado Springs is a city at the base of the Rocky Mountains. It is full of outdoor activities with many trails and parks for the locals or tourists. The scenery is full of rock formations and unique geological features. Some of the famously noted formations are Pikes Peak, Garden of The Gods Park, The Broadmoor, Seven Falls, and the Cave of the Winds Mountain Park. This area is extremely popular among professional athletes and coaches because of the city's amazing natural training grounds and elevation. It is also known as Olympic City USA because it is the most populous city in El Paso County.

This area is also known for its variety of educational, cultural and historical attractions. There are so many museums at your fingertips. There is the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center, Cheyenne Mountain zoo, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, American Numismatic Association Money Museum, Peterson Air and Space Museum, and the United Air Force Academy. This is a wide variety of interesting and educational places to visit. The majority of visitors are nature lovers or cultural historians.

Besides the United States Air Force Academy, the most famous place Colorado Springs is known for is the Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center. This is the headquarters for the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee. Many Olympic sports have their headquarters in Colorado Springs. This is what invites so many professional athletes and coaches to train there.

If you are visiting and wondering what exactly this place is known for and where to start with your planning, look at the 8 best things to do in Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods

One of the most visited attractions at the foot of the Rocky Mountains with Pikes Peak as the backdrop. This park gives you access to the red sandstone rock formations. You can enjoy a Geo-Trekker experience, which is constantly running every 20 minutes. You can also rock climb, take a jeep or segway, rent a bike, or join an adventure program.What is Colorado Springs Known for?

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center

This is a sporting attraction. It is the flagship training center and you can participate in sports camps throughout the year or take a tour through the center and pick up a souvenir on your way out. The most exciting thing to see is the Velodrome.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Interactive experience with exotic animals from all over the world and is known to be one of the best Zoos in the United States. It is a 140-acre zoo and one of the highest elevations in the U.S.

Acacia Park Farmers Market

You can find a wide variety of fresh, locally grown produce at this farmers market and is in a beautiful green space downtown.

Pikes Peak Center for Performing Arts

This is the center for entertainment and culture. It is the home of the Colorado Springs Symphony orchestra and hosts many other events throughout the year. These events include concerts, productions, education programs, and cultural events.

Pikes Peak

One of the most famous mountains in the U.S. The visible landmark of Colorado Springs stands over 14,000 ft tall. You can enjoy scenic views or you can hike up using several different trails.

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

This is the collecting institution and looks at the history of the Pikes Peak region through time. There are 10 exhibits to enjoy.

Cave of the Winds Mountain Park

This park allows you to look at what is beneath the Rockies through different tours. The tour can last up to an hour and is good for all ages. You will go down a half-mile of cave trails and up about 200 stairs into the mountains.

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