Why is My Lawn Patchy?

When you are committed to keeping your yard green and healthy, it can be frustrating to find brown patches for no apparent reason. Here are a few causes of a patchy lawn and how to repair them. Why is My Lawn Patchy?

Too Much Shade 

Some areas are shady all day long and if this is something you know is the case in your lawn space, consider planting a shade mix of grass seed. If you’ve already got a nice lawn and only a few patches, you can use a shade grass mix to repair the dead spots. But, if your patches just keep popping up, it may be beneficial to replace the whole lawn with this special mixture. If your lawn is impacted by shade from a tree, you can consider delimbing some of the branches of the tree to let some more sunlight through. 

Not Enough Water 

Even if you water regularly or have an automatic sprinkler system, there are areas of your lawn that may not get enough water. When watering, inspect the patchy areas and see if they’re receiving water at a lesser rate than the rest of the yard. Sometimes paying closer attention to the direction of the spray and making small adjustments to a sprinkler head can balance the water consumption and green up those dry spots. 

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Uneven Fertilization 

A lawn can be quickly greened up with the use of fertilizer but applying too much or too little can cause patchy grass or dead spots. To ensure you’re applying a fertilizing product at the correct rate, always read the label carefully, and use a high-quality spreader to disperse the product efficiently and evenly.  

Aggressive Wear 

If you see a pattern in the areas that are patchy, such as commonly walked areas or an area where a pet likes to play you may be able to reduce the patches by changing foot traffic patterns. Additionally, a lawn that is used for pet voiding, can see burn marks from the acidity of the pet’s urine. Fencing a small area to ensure your pet has a designated voiding area in bark dust or another inconspicuous space will often liven up the lawn with minimal maintenance required. 

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Irregular brown patches can be due to an underlying fungus. Extremely rainy or humid weather can cause fungus to grow in random patterns. To treat this problem, you will likely need to apply a lawn fungicide to cure the active disease. 

Maintaining your yard may require some detective work but the result in detecting and treating underlying issues will be a healthy, green lawn that can be enjoyed throughout the year. 

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