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Okay, we’re biased; we think Colorado Springs is a great place to live. But we also know that you’re considering a home in the area and may not be sure which Colorado Springs neighborhoods might be right for you.

Whether you’re a military family, an outdoorsy family, or a family that enjoys a slower pace, you’ll enjoy living in almost any Colorado Springs neighborhood. If you want to live near Colorado Springs, but prefer to call a small community home, consider some of our surrounding towns, like Fountain, Monument, Falcon, Peyton, and Manitou Springs.

Each Colorado Springs Neighborhood Shares The Follwing Distinction

  • There are reportedly 300 sunny days each year, which is much higher than most of the country.

  • There are no extreme temperatures and conditions are typically very dry & sunny. In January, the average high hovers around 45 degrees, while the average summer day is somewhere in the 70s.

  • You’ll never be bored in Colorado Springs! There’s a long list of mountains to climb, trails to hike, horse riding ranches, craft beers to taste, funky art galleries to enjoy, or festivals & events to visit throughout the year.

  • Enjoy all four seasons of the year.

  • Any outdoor activity for Any Season can be done in Colorado! Disclaimer: except surfing, but we would encourage you to try snowboarding Laughing 

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