Pet Agreement

Prequired to follow when occupying a Pet Allowed property managed by Ashford Realty Group.

Ashford Realty Group and the property owner have sole discretion in accepting or declining a pet. This means that an application could still be declined due to pets, even if the property is marked as accepting pets on the listing.

We do require a $300 refundable pet deposit per pet, due at the time of lease signing, and a monthly non-refundable Pet Rent of $35 per pet.

PER THE LEASE: There is a $500 Fine for each unauthorized pet (or restrict breed) located at the property (regardless of who owns the pet).

This lease violation is terms for immediate eviction, in conjunction with the fine, if the homeowner chooses.

Allowable Pets

As a standard practice we do NOT permit the following:

  •  More than two (2) pets
  •  Pets that are more than 100 lbs
  •  Pets under 12 months of age (puppies and kittens)

Only domesticated pets are allowed. Any pet NOT considered to be a domestic pet or considered to be an “exotic” pet or animal (to include mix breeds) that is to be kept at the residence, temporarily or otherwise, will require prior written approval by Ashford Realty Group.

Restricted Dog Breeds

Please Note: the dog breeds listed below are not due to any personal or company bias, but only because they are the most commonly found on the aggressive breed lists of most home owner’s insurance providers.

  • American Pit Bull Terrier

  • Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  •  Bull Terrier
  • Rottweiler
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Mastiff
  • Bullmastiff
  • Chow
  • Akita
  • Wolf/hybrid
  • Dingo/hybrid

None of the above breeds, or any mix of them, are permitted at the properties managed by Ashford Realty Group.

Should any pet look like any one of the breeds listed above, we can, at our sole discretion, require a written breed disclosure from a certified veterinarian to confirm the type of breed.

The Tenants Required Responsibilities Of Their Pet

  • Tenants must be able to provide proper documentation that the pet is current on all vaccinations and licenses required by local ordinances.
  • Per the Pikes Peak Humane Society: Your dog is required by law to be licensed in Centennial, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Fountain, Monument, and Pueblo City and County. Cats are also required by law to be licensed in Colorado Springs and Pueblo City/County.
  •  All dogs and cats are required to wear identification collars or tags, to include proof of current vaccinations.
  • *Tenants are required to clean up after their pets, both interior and exterior. Yards are to be regularly cleaned of pet waste to maintain cleanliness and the condition of the property throughout the term of the lease.*
  • Tenants are solely responsible for damages caused by their pets and will be responsible for any expenses incurred remedy damages. To include any charges that exceed the security deposit amount provided. (example: carpet)
  • No pets or animals are allowed at the residence that is not listed on the lease, temporarily or otherwise, without first having written permission by Ashford Realty Group. This includes acquiring a new pet, temporarily caring for another’s pet, or having visitors with pets.

Service Animals

If you have an animal defined as a Service Animal used to help with a medical disability, you may be exempt from some of the above-mentioned requirements. 

However, we are obligated to prosecute if fraud or misrepresentation occurs, and will act in accordance with Colorado House Bill 16- 1308 signed into law on 03/29/2016 which defines the legal and financial penalties for misrepresenting a pet as an assistive animal in the state of Colorado.

Why Such Strict Pet Requirements?

We get it! It seems a bit much, especially considering most everyone in our office has a pet and considers them part of the family. But, unfortunately, these precautions have become necessary and are strictly enforced, just as any part of the lease, because of people in the past abusing previous agreements and homes.

Sadly, just another case of a few bad apples ruining it for the bunch.


Licensing Information: 

Being A Responsible Pet Owner:

Please note that we are a dedicated Fair Housing provider, and will consider all reasonable accommodation requests.