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What If You Could Quickly Rent Your Property, Without Any Hassles or Headaches, While Staying Fully Informed, and Have It All Managed by a Company You Can Trust?

Now you can, with Ashford Realty Group!

Property Management The “Ashford Way”

As a premier Colorado Springs property management company, the team at Ashford Realty Group is dedicated to providing superior service to our clients.

Owners Nicole and Trace Lee have put together a highly-trained and professional team so that your property is fully taken care of from start to finish.

In everything we do for our clients, our focus is on four critical elements:

  • Prompt communication
  • Proper and thorough explanation
  • Setting the right expectations
  • Always have empathy to the person’s situation or concern

Our proactive approach works towards ensuring that both our team and our clients have every tool and resource available to provide a successful and positive experience. That also trickles down to your tenant so that everyone is included, and we can help prevent issues and resolve problems quickly and with minimal, if any, hassle.

We are dedicated to taking care of you and your property every step of the way and are really just a phone call, email, text, or portal message away!

"Ashford Realty Group is the best property manager I have employed and know. I own properties in Colorado, Michigan, and Texas. Ashford Realty management company is heads and shoulders above all the other property managers I employ. I will continue my relationship with this company for years to come!”                -- Alicia K   VERIFIED CLIENT

Have Your Property Managed Professionally and Responsibly

Ashford Realty Group has helped property owners like you since 2007 and beyond. We focus on getting your property rented quickly with reliable, trustworthy tenants.

Being proactive is something we don’t take lightly. We have systems and protocols to prevent unnecessary costs and hassles that could impact your cash flow.

We document your property with extreme detail. Between extensive photos and comprehensive reports, we help ensure you never lose a potential court case.

No need to keep a list of phone numbers to stay informed. We assign you a single point of contact who will handle any issues, questions, or concerns.

How We Work with Property Owners

Your property is a valuable investment that shouldn’t be handed over to just anybody. At Ashford Realty Group, we take careful steps to ensure your property is rented as quickly as possible, without hassle, and in a way that meets your property goals.

Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll have a quick phone call with you to discuss the details of your home. We will also review your property goals and how we can help meet them.

Conduct a Free Rental Inspection

If you decide to move forward, we’ll meet you at your property for a free thorough rental inspection. No one goes to the extent that we do with inspections.

Our extensive process means that you’re protected in case of a dispute or tenant issue.

We provide you with advice on how you can prepare your home in a way that helps prevent certain repair issues that could cost you down the road.

We also offer guidance and tips on making your home attractive to the type of quality renters you would desire to live in your home.

You will also get an idea of the types of reporting and detail we provide you with when working with us.

Access to Our 24/7 Online Portal

We believe in full transparency, so once you’ve signed an agreement with us and we have access to your property, we send you all the details to sign on to our 24/7 online portal.

You will have full access to your account through the portal, including work orders, payments pending, paperwork, lease agreements, and any tenant comments.

Your Property is Listed

We list your property on reliable sites and platforms while positioning it favorably in the eyes of those seeking a rental. We market your property as if it was a luxury home. This includes

  • High-Definition (HDR) Images
  • 360° HDR Pictures
  • 3D Virtual Reality Home Tour 

Your home will only be shown to prospective tenants who are accompanied by an Ashford representative or licensed real estate agent to ensure your property is protected and secure at all times.

The properties we manage are typically rented within days and before the previous tenants moving out.  Meaning vacancy time is minimal, and you earn a profit more quickly.

Screen Potential Tenants

We don’t just let anyone rent your home. Our extensive screening process includes a full investigation into any:

  • criminal history
  • prior evictions
  • credit check
  • previous rental verifications
  • proof of income

We also let you have the final say in the decision because, ultimately, the property is your investment. Our job is to protect your home, and that starts with a verified and qualified tenant who is more likely to keep your home safe and free from damage.

Let Us Handle the Rest!

Once the tenant moves in, you can sit back and let us take care of the property. It’s up to you on how much or how little you want to be involved. You can always check the online portal for information or contact us if you have questions or concerns.

The only thing left to decide is how you will enjoy the passive rental income you collect every month!

Why We Focus on Tenant Education When Managing Your Property…and How It Helps Protect Your Investment!

If you’re still on the fence about why you should choose Ashford Realty Group’s services for property management in Colorado Springs, the answer is simple…

Tenant Education

From the moment a tenant moves into your home, we take a dedicated and proactive approach to ensure your property is well-maintained and cared for.

We go through an extreme review process that includes your input so that whoever moves into your home is sure to be a great fit. Once they are signed on, we take them on a detailed walk-through of your home, pointing out ways to maintain the property.

And if they have a question or a problem arises, they can call our dedicated maintenance team for assistance. Not only are we available 24/7, but we will guide them through the issue over the phone until the problem is resolved.

We also have a comprehensive library of video tutorials that we can direct them to for further guidance. That way, we can help avoid costly repairs or vendor trip charges that cut into your cash flow.

What if they have an issue that requires repairs?

We have a vetted list of third-party vendors who have made the properties we manage their priority. They also offer us significant discounts on their services, which we pass directly on to you. We would never view potential damage to your home as an opportunity to make money.

The systems and protocols we’ve put in place to protect your property make this a win-win for everyone involved – and prevent a lot of hassles and headaches!

What Happens If You Want to Sell Your Property?

If at some point, you decide you no longer wish to be a landlord, or you simply need to sell the property, our sales team is ready to help.
We will work with you to meet your property goals and plan out our next steps to ensure a successful transition.

Over the years, we have cultivated a trusted list of investors who can quickly take over your property. There’s also no reason for your tenant to move, so the transaction happens at zero inconveniences to them.

The end result is that you get to pull out as much equity as possible from your home and walk away with peace of mind.

Words cannot fully express how grateful and thankful we are for Melanie and the entire Ashford team. Everyone we've worked with over the years at Ashford has been personable, genuine, caring, thoughtful, thorough, and beyond helpful. As our property managers for 7 years, they took great care of us and our house. When our house was significantly damaged in the big hail storm, Marisa and the Ashford team went above and beyond to handle things for us and at a very busy time with multiple other damaged homes to manage. With the sale of our home, Melanie and the team made it a hassle-free, smooth process and experience. Being our first time selling a house, Melanie provided clarity from beginning to end and always followed up and communicated with us on every detail. Being out of state, Ashford coordinated everything for us, from inspections and contractors to arranging a notary to meet with us for our closing! Ashford's capable and professional repair and maintenance crew always came through for us as well. So, a BIG thank you to everyone at Ashford for years of support, quality work, and work ethic excellence! We highly recommend Ashford!”  -- Gwen A. VERIFIED CLIENT

Our VideoThrowback - What Property Management Should Look Like

This quick video was created over 6 years ago and it is still true today.

Ready to Have a Similar Experience?

You can have the same great experience as our other clients when you sign on with our qualified, professional team as your property manager in Colorado Springs.

You have nothing to lose by contacting us for a free consultation and rental evaluation.

We’ll happily walk you through all the steps and offer guidance on how we can help meet your property goals.

Contact us now if you’re ready to get started now.

“I have been a landlord of single-family houses for forty-five years and have worked with Ashford Property Management for almost two years now. I have over those years working with about 10 different management companies and have found Ashford to be the most highly competent, honest, and helpful. I live out of state from my rentals and they have helped me renovate an older house and then shown me a video of the inside of the house to show me the work they have done. The people they hire are highly competent. I have been more than pleased with all their help. They are highly professional yet friendly and easy to work with. Their monthly statements are clear, well organized, and easy to understand. The renters they have found have all turned out well.”  -- Mike K. VERIFIED CLIENT

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