Selling Your Home

Ashford makes it easy for you to sell your home fast and for the best value possible.

Our deep knowledge of the local area, vast network of contractors, and modern marketing put us in a unique position to serve you so you can focus on your move and let us do ALL the heavy lifting.

The Ashford Realty Group Difference

Established in 2007, we're a locally owned and operated residential real estate firm serving Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. We know this market inside and out and we strive to use the best-in-class tools, processes, and marketing methods to sell your home. 

We Sell and We Manage

Ashford Realty Group offers both selling and property management services. No side hustles here. Ashford has proven track record of providing more value with each of these services for well over a decade. With Ashford on your side, you can sell your home or rent it out without lifting a finger.

We'll conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) and inspect your home thoroughly so that we can give you accurate bias-free assessments on:

  • What your home will actually sell for
  • Costs to sell your home
  • What your home could rent for
  • Costs to have your home rented out & managed
  • What, if any, work/repairs would be recommended based on your goals

We are honest and want our customers to make informed decisions. We will give you a comprehensive snapshot of what it would look like to sell versus rent out your home. When you have this information, you will be able to make the best choice possible for your given situation.

We Are Local

We're from around here and we know this market better than anyone. Ashford Realty Group regularly manages 250 to 500 single-family homes, townhomes, and condos throughout:

  • Colorado Springs
  • Monument
  • Fountain
  • Manitou Springs
  • Falcon/Peyton

We aren’t a big-name branded franchise. We're homegrown and because of that we are able to provide more value to our clients (instead of sending a cut to the franchise brass), and can better serve our communities with the knowledge we've acquired as Realtors and residents of Colorado Springs.

We Are Well-Connected

If you're trying to sell your home, it's likely that you will have to take care of some routine property repairs, inspection items and other maintenance tasks. To accomplish this, you have to:

  • Call around
  • Collect multiple estimates
  • Invite different vendors to your home
  • Call for references
  • Inspect and assess the vendors' work
  • Check for permits and licenses (if applicable)

With Ashford Realty Group on your side, you don't have to do any of this.

When you let us help you sell your home, we connect you with our built-in network of top vendors in the area. Over the past decade, we've cultivated strong relationships with the most skilled contractors in Colorado Springs and negotiated the best prices so that our clients can get top-quality home repair and maintenance services at reasonable prices.

We Are Fast and Easy to Work With

We offer simple and fast professional service. We believe you should be able to sign the documents, focus on your move, and get situated in your new destination while we handle the heavy lifting. Selling your home has never been easier.

What the Selling Process Looks Like

Here are the steps we'll take you through if you choose to work with us.

Book a Free Consultation With Us

Your first consultation with us is 100% free — guaranteed.

We'll first gather a few key details from you to help us hone in on an accurate estimate of your property value. When we meet in person for your free consultation, you can expect:

  • The results of a comparable market analysis (CMA) conducted for your property
  • A clear, digestible Net Sheet showcasing an accurate estimate of how much you'll net from the sale of your home (accounting for pre-sale repair and maintenance costs-if any is warranted)
  • A detailed discussion of your goals and plans for the property
  • An overview of the entire selling process from start to finish‌
  • A thorough walk through of your home with an Ashford Trained Realtor and Ashford Full-Time Maintenance Contractor / Manager, to determine what, if any, work should be done to ensure the best ROI and to avoid costly re-negotiations once under contract (buyers inspection objection)

We do our due diligence and conduct an extensive amount of research up front. We gather our initial details over the phone or through a video conferencing call, and your initial comprehensive consultation is done in person (or video if necessary) — absolutely free.‌

Have Your Property Evaluated By Professional - *An Ashford Difference

Next, we'll meet up at your home to view and properly assess:

  • The condition of your property
  • Your street
  • Your neighborhood and the surrounding area
  • Competing homes

We'll refer back to our CMA, research, and reports and add our in-person observations to them to build a clearer picture of what we're working with.

After years of buying, selling, flipping, prepping, maintaining, and consistantly managing hundreds of homes across Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, we have a rock-solid understanding of the area and what it takes to sell your home at the best price possible.

Our evaluations are thorough and trustworthy and based on both hard data and decades of hands-on experience in our local market. 

We'll help you:

  • Pinpoint items that may need repair or attention
  • Identify quick fixes that could bring in more money or appeal
  • Figure out possibilities for staging
  • Determine if there are any inspection items that need to be addressed up front
  • If needed, utilize our vetted and trusted network of contractors so you can use their services at a serious discount (we will oversee and manage the work, if any, so you don’t have to)

A thorough walk through evaluation is key to maintaining your leverage as a seller and reducing the possibility for re-negotiation.

This alone saves our clients thousands of dollars, prevents delays & renegotiating when under contract, and eliminates the stress & anxiety most endure when selling their home. This untapped value and service regularly nets our clients more money than if they worked a discount broker.  Nicole Lee - Broker/ Owner of Ashford Realty Group

Conduct Any Necessary Repairs and Maintenance Tasks

After we connect you with one of the many skilled general contractors in our personally vetted vendor network, you can go ahead and have any necessary property repairs and maintenance tasks carried out. Save thousands of dollars and enjoy these services at a seriously discounted rate — courtesy of us and the strong relationships we've cultivated with contractors across Colorado Springs.

Our full-time maintenance contractor/ manager will recommend areas that need attention, but don't worry — you get to have a say in everything, and we'll only work on items fully reviewed and approved by you.

You don't have to lift a finger here. Say goodbye to finding, interviewing, collecting quotes from, and overseeing contractors for your pre-sale repair and maintenance needs. We've been known to sell and manage homes for overseas owners, so sit back and relax as we prep your property for the big sale. ‌

Let Us Hype Up Your Home

We'll get the word out about your property using proven modern digital marketing methods. We'll develop key marketing assets like:

  • Professional, high-quality pictures of your property's interior and exterior
  • 3D virtual reality scans
  • Drone footage
  • Videos
  • Digital staging
  • Ads (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Email campaigns

Most agents don't spend the money or time to develop any marketing assets outside of basic property photos, but we go the extra mile and try to get as many eyes on your listing as possible so you can get the very best offers for your home.

Our campaigns reach a database of more than 47,000 people and counting, who have personally contacted us regarding their need for a home, so you can bet that your listing will be viewed by hundreds — or even thousands — of potential buyers in our market.

3D Virtual Reality Home Showcases - Making Your Home Stand Out....& Sell For More

Our professional 3D online virtual showcase tours let buyers virtually walk through your entire home from the comfort of their couch. This creates an immediate, lasting emotional connection because they can actually experience the home as if they were physically walking through it. Far superior to videos and pictures! - Take it for a test drive & see for yourself!



We have seen offers from those that did not even see the home in person but made an offer strictly off of the 3D Virtual Reality Showcase Tours.  - Trace Lee - Business Developement / Co-Owner

Reviewing Appraisals

After accepting the best offer (with our guidance and recommendations) an appraisal is the next possible stage of negotiation. In our experience, we've seen that most properties receive multiple offers.

As a seller, it's easy to get trapped by the appraisal stage. Some buyers offer way over the list price in order to win out over the others and then look for the appraisal to come in lower than what they proposed. This can potentially trap the seller if they're on a strict timeline, forcing them to settle for the reduced appraisal amount.

We'll help you navigate and prevent tricky situations like these to ensure that you’re getting the best price and terms possible for your property. NOTE: We have a proven plan for this and all of the other tactics commonly used in a competative market.

Enjoy Full Transparency From Start to Finish

It's your home, and you deserve to know what's going on at every step of the process. We schedule weekly meetings with our clients to update you on our progress and clue you in on any changes and new developments.

We're also available whenever you need to get in touch with us and are committed to answering your calls and communications should you have any questions or concerns that crop up.

‌You Can Trust Ashford Realty Group With The Importance of Selling Your Home

Hundreds of property owners have trusted us to sell and manage their homes. We're honored to have been recognized for the quality of our services. We've been ranked as a Top 20 realtor service on and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We've been featured on and recognized by The Peak Producers in 2019, 2020, 2021 as being among the top 100 agents by annual volume and reputation in our area.

Because we're a full-fledged real estate firm and not a solo agent, we have the resources to orchestrate an entire team of specialized experts to help carry out the selling process.

We have a carefully cultivated network of maintenance managers, marketing specialists, professional photographers, and more. You can enjoy the best service at every step of the process — all without having to lift a finger or having to seek out vendors yourself.

Selling your home and looking for realtors you can trust? Look no further. Learn what a FREE Ashford Consutlation can answer for you. 

So Much More Than A Listing Presentation *An Ashford Difference

Beyond automated reports and fancy graphs, we will share EVERYTHING you should consider when selling your home. After assessing the home and going over all of the data, your goals, and your options you will know every aspect you should know in order to make the best decision when it comes to your home.

What You Can Count On Learing From Our Consultation:

  • How your home compares to past sales and competing listings
  • How much your home will actually sell for
  • What repairs, if any, are recommended based on the ROI, current market, competition, or what is likely required for an inspection or appraisal - not based on industry standard defaults like paint inside & out or refinish or replace flooring.
  • How to save on those repairs (to include all of the money saving insider knowledge of real estate investing & flipping)
  • The current market and what is forecasted
  • What your home could rent for & what you could cash flow - our market has proven year after year that it is one of the nations hottest markets
  • What owning rental property is like (pro's & con's)
  • How to properly prepare the home - what to focus on and what to avoid 
  • The top 3 mistakes seller's make when selling their home and how to avoid them
  • What the buyer's and their agents will be looking for 
  • How we will eliminate and prevent the most common, and likely costly, reneogtiating tactics

The unbiased, comprehensive information that we will share with you during your FREE Consultation will eliminate the haunting thoughts and unknowns.

The most concerning of those unknowns being that you left hard earned money on the table,  that costly and stressful issues could have been prevented, or that you missed an opportunity because you were not made aware of it.

After your consultation, you will be able to make educated & confident decisions...without the stress or haunting unknowns. 

Book A Free Consultation Today!

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